An short, average looking male human with scars from the Daemonwars


Race: Human Class: Avenger Level: 9 Hit Points 91 ______ Bloodied 45 Healing Surge 22 Surges Per Day 12 Initiative +1 __ Action Points ___

Defenses AC Fortitude Reflex Will 22 15 15 16

Attacks Melee Basic Attack: +5 (+1 frost warhammer) vs. AC Damage: 1d10 + 2


Background Having survived the Daemonwars, Eresteros is a cold hardened individual. He’s seen his entire village destroyed, including his parents and sister. He never found the body of his brother Arlethen, and hopes to discover that he yet lives.

Aspirations To one day destroy all Daemonkind, and close the Gates of Zynkaronos.

Influences Eresteros is strongly influenced by his companion, Jekendra, and her deadly arcane skills.


Requalinar Milthrihn